Enjoy endless night of peace and quiet                    
            Enjoy endless nights of snoreless sleep

Heat on a stove or microwave until the water around 80 to 90 degree centigrade, do not put the mouthpiece heated with the water at the same time.
Fill a container with enough water(app.300ml) to allow the mouthpiece’s semi-round shape portion submerged
Holding the tab, dip the mouthpiece into the water around 10-15 seconds to soften the plastic. Move the mouthpiece up and down and even expose out of the water in order to avoid excess heat to melt the mouthpiece.
Remove the mouthpiece from the hot water and gently shake off the excess water.
Holding the tab with wordings facing up, move the lower jaw into a most comfortable position. Place the warm mouthpiece in between the teeth and bite in a forward position. Remember that the most forward comfortable position will reduce snoring best, For preventing teeth grinding, just place the mouthpiece in between the teeth bite up and down ward naturally.
Press the mouthpiece surface and surround by hands directly in order to fit your teeth and form a personal moulding for yourself.
Remove the mouthpiece and place in ice-cold water to set the shape. 
Refit the mouthpiece into your mouth to check the fit.
If the fit is not comfortable, you may do the exercise again, remembering this time only to dip the mouthpiece for a shorter 10 seconds into the hot water.
Once complete, remove the holding tab by cutting it off with scissors as close to the mouthpiece as possible.
It may take a few nights to get accustom to sleeping with the mouthpiece but please preserve.
A plastic storage container is included in the pack, user either use toothpaste or mouthwash to keep the mouthpiece hygienically clean.
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